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Hope for the best, but plan for the worst

Be Prepared!

  • Prepare yourself for disaster or just get the healthiest, most delicious harvest from your garden. Get the best product at the best value for your money. With our Farm Seed Vaults and Ranch Seed Vaults you’ll grow an abundant, 100% organic vegetable garden and because every harvest will provide you with a new batch of seeds you’ll never need to buy seeds again!

Weather food is plentiful or when it becomes scarce in a crisis, prepared living means providing for your own with the resources available to you. Having the right quality of seeds is crucial! Our Farm Seed Vault and Ranch Seed Vault consist of open-pollinated, heirloom seeds which are 100% Non-hybrid & 100% Non-GMO.


  • The Farm Seed Vault has 25 of the most desirable varieties of vegetable seeds
  • The Ranch Seed Vault has 40 of the most desirable varieties of vegetable seeds
  • Have the peace of mind that they will produce in any region of the country because of the high germination rates
  • Packaged for Long Term Storage, use your seeds today or in 10 years


  • Open-Pollinated - traditional varieties, grown and selected for their desirable traits. They grow well under the most basic conditions: mineral/nutrient-rich soil, air, sunlight, water, protection from harsh exposure, space. These seeds adapt to the local ecosystem, as opposed to modern hybrids, which are static. Open pollinated seeds have been pollinated by the same population of plants.
  • Heirloom - has been saved from the same open pollinated plant variety for years. This crop’s generation will have the same characteristics as the original plants.
  • 100% Non-hybrid - because these seeds are open-pollinated and heirloom, their offspring will continue true to original characteristics.
  • 100% Non-GMO - these are free from Genetic Modification.

Packaging Makes a Difference
( A Mold Proof Bag is what you need)

Proper packaging that ensures your seeds are alive when you need them.

Here are the features that make our Farm Seed Vaults and Ranch Seed Vaults the highest quality:

Step 1: All of the seeds are dried to the optimum moisture content, between 5-7%, which "locks in" hardiness and maintains an extremely long storage life, up to10 years.

Step 2: Your seeds are packaged in a
Resealable, triple-layer, foil lined, air-tight bag with a tamper-proof seal. This bag blocks any moisture exchange but gives the seeds a small air reserve, so that they can stay alive and viable longer than if they were in a simple paper envelope or zip-lock bag.

Step 3: Your seeds are protected by putting them into a Steal waterproof container! Your seed bank can be wrapped in an air-tight bag and buried for decades.

A never ending seed supply

You can reuse the bags with future seed harvests. If you freeze the seeds, you can keep them effective for decades. Each individual seed pack is labeled. Next, our seeds are packaged in a waterproof airtight container. We believe that this type of storage container is the absolute best way to store seeds for the long term.

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst…Be Prepared!

Our Farm Seed Vaults and Ranch Seed Vaults enable you to plant your very own 1 acre garden or 2 acre year after year regardless of the economic conditions. It's guaranteed to stay on guard against any food shortage for the next 10 years, and is capable of producing a virtually unlimited amount of food for years to come.

Designed specifically for an emergency growing situation.
Our Farm Seed Vaults and Ranch Seed Vaults combines the best types of survival seeds with superior packaging into a product you can depend on.

Buy once, use as many times as you need.
The Farm Seed Vault and Ranch Seed Vault includes only non-hybrid seeds, which means that every year your crisis garden will produce seeds you can use next year.

Free from genetic modification, these seeds are just as pure as they possibly can be.

Hard to find.
One package combines a variety of seeds, all of which are produced by small, independent farmers, and are among the hardest ones to get.

Your garden will flourish in any region within the U.S.
Our Farm Seed Vault and Ranch Seed Vault will grow in any of the 11 climate zones across the country.

High seed germination rate is guaranteed for 10 years.

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